Lapis Lazuli-gold-plated silver bracelet


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  • Lapis Lazuli - a stone of wisdom, truth and inspiration. 
  • He adds courage, boosts creativity and develops leadership skills.
  • Bracelet length: 17cm adjustable to 19.5 cm.
  • Each product has a brand warranty in the form of the Minty dot mark made from silver of the same fineness
  • 100% of positive emotions...

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Our packagings, together with tickets for jewellery, come from Polish manufacture and are hand-made. Minty dot is a Polish brand. We manufacture our products in Poland, creating local jobs and thus supporting the Polish market – we find it of particular value and importance.

  • Gold jewellery of your choice will be packaged in a box to which we’ll append a ticket containing information on the symbol or – where other collections are concerned – a ticket with a positive inspiration.

  • In the case of silver jewellery, the description of each product is printed directly on the box in which it is packaged.

  • Additionally, jewellery packaged in such manner is wrapped in pink tissue paper with a mint-coloured dot;)