We are into precious metals option

Silver and gold only! 
do you know that Minty dot jewelry is made of precious metal ores only such as silver and gold – no other metal ores are used!

do you know that we use precious stones only in our jewelry, e.g. sapphires, rubies, diamonds, pearls... and natural decorative stones such as topazes, amethysts, garnets...

Rhodium plated, oxidized. 
do you know that when you find the words “oxidized" or “rhodium plating” on our products’ label, that’s a guarantee that “underneath” there is a noble metal - it’s always 925 sterling silver.

Made in EU! 
do you know that subtle Minty dot jewelry designs are hand-made at a Polish jewelry workshop?
Jewelry bags and packaging are manufactured by a small Polish manufacturing plant and are hand-made for us.
Supporting the Polish market matters to us.


Natural stones, due to their natural origin, can differ, they can also have impurities, that is, air bubbles, parts of minerals and micro-fractures that can only attest to their natural origin.


Rhodium plating involves covering with a thin layer of rhodium.
Rhodium is a noble metal belonging to the platinum group, it is light and of a platinum color. It protects silver from a natural process of oxidization, letting it shine for a longer time, however, it can wear off - that is a natural process.
If you like to shine :) choose rhodium plated jewelry.


Oxidizationis a process opposite to rhodium plating and involves covering the metal with a thin layer of its oxide. Oxidized silver is aged and darker which makes it look interesting.
If you like the vintage look, oxidized jewelry is just for you.

We take pride in our work and jewelry products, that is why each Minty dot product has a brand guarantee in the form of a Minty dot symbol on a chain - it is always made of a valuable metal ore, silver or gold, depending on the kind of jewelry selected.