Biżuteria porady


  • In order to refresh your jewellery and restore its radiance, use solutions specifically dedicated for cleaning gold and silver and always follow the instructions that came with the product.

  • You can also follow a home method: place your jewellery in a bowl with warm water and add several drops of a mild dishwashing liquid, stir the water and leave your jewellery to soak for approximately 10 minutes. When you take it out, delicately remove excess water with a soft cloth.

  • You can always refresh your jewellery free of charge in Minty dot stores and partner stores.

  • Remember! Cosmetics and detergents containing strong active substances may destroy the silver and gold plating, causing precious metals to tarnish and permanently change colour”

  • Do not use perfume, deodorants, etc. directly on your jewellery. It is completely prohibited for jewellery to come into contact with strong detergents, such as: bleaches, decalcifiers and other such solutions..

  • In order to avoid entangling, store your chain in its original packaging, wrapped around the foam in the box.

  • Place an already entangled chain on a flat surface, apply several drops of olive oil on the point of entanglement and delicately untangle the knot using two needles. Wash your jewellery in warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid added.