..at the beginning there was a star which I received..
This star and words that came with it were a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day,
a dose of positive energy that inspired me to act..

I enclosed my desires and things that were important to me in delicate, noble symbols.
Minty dot jewellery has a message – it reminds that we are creative, open, full of inspirations,
that we can do so much... maybe even anything.. 
I believe that anything is possible, as everything depends entirely on us.

Naturally, “anything” is the key word – describing our purpose, which usually requires work,
patience and time... and we, often impatient for various reasons, want to give up,
we often lack of motivation, that something that will give us a jolt of positive energy and excitement...

I would like for the Minty dot jewellery to be a mega positive “reminder”
of what we desire and dream about, to motivate us to act by reminding of our purpose,
and for other dreams to replace those already fulfilled:)

I create jewellery with pleasure and for pleasure.

Anna Brzozowska